Who Is Apostle Mimi?

Apostle Melissa Mimi Ewell

This Woman's Heart Ministries  

Apostle Melissa Mimi Ewell is a wife, mother, mentor,and friend. As the founder and facilitator of This Woman's Heart Ministries and ManFast Ministries International, Apostle Mimi is a native of Los Angeles, California and has been blessed by God to minister on a worldwide platform. Apostle Mimi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and has pursued graduated studies with the UCLA Anderson School of Business and the University of Phoenix. 

Over the past thirty years, Apostle Mimi has served in ministry as a teacher, ministry program administrator, youth leader, intercessor, revivalist, church planter, and various other capacities. In her professional life, Mimi has worked as a school teacher, parent educator, social services administrator, technical writer, corporate trainer, and an entrepreneur. 

As a celebrated author, her works inspire many to grow in faith and to pursue a lifestyle of purity, abstinence and fidelity as ordained by God. Among these works are the popular relationship novels, The Carondolette Family Series. Other works include The Marriage Chronicles, Blackberry Cobbler and The ManFast Series. 

As a full-time apostolic missionary to Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. Ap. Mimi is passionate about Women's Empowerment and uplifting women in ministry. She specifically lends support and encouragement to pastor's wives in rural areas of Kenya, ministry gifts who help keep the church alive and function in many places, with little reward for their labors. Ap. Mimi is working to see their situation improve.

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The Stream of Thought From the Heart of God Splashing, Flooding, and Impacting My Life and the World Around Me! And I Love It!

When Dreams Become Reality


Writing has always been a passion of mine... So has getting to know people. From the time I was a child, I was surrounded by different kinds of people, from all parts of the world. My ears have always heard different languages, my eyes have seen so many kinds of faces and my mouth has tasted all kinds of foods. So, literally, I became a child of the world by the time I had lived one decade. And while all this happened in my home and on the streets of Los Angeles, I'm now living my dream of exploring the world and other cultures while spending time in Kenya, South Africa and living here in Ghana. Read more...

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Hug Ministry, Kenya


Preaching in Soweto, South Africa


Ministering in Accra, Ghana


Baptisms in Lake Victoria, Kenya


Loving My Life