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Blackberry Cobbler

An Epic Novel About Life, Love & Legacy


Can One Day of Learning to Bake Blackberry Cobbler Change the Course of a Man’s Life?

This appears to be the case when New York Corporate Attorney Jax Morrison IV, finds himself deep in the back woods of Mississippi to meet Mama Glory, the matriarch of his girlfriend Nina’s family. Caught between his love for Nina and her long-held family traditions, Jax ends up spending a day, gaining a lifetime of wisdom through Mama Glory’s eyes and her eighty plus years of living.


As she recounts her family’s history, their triumphs, tragedies and tales of survival in the Jim Crow south, Jax experiences a life-altering encounter that leaves him forever changed. The more Mama Glory shares, secrets are revealed that will challenged everything Jax and Nina have believed about life, love, family and legacy. 

“Blackberry Cobbler is a beautiful body of work. One of the most beautiful powerful, raw family sagas I have read in a long time. I have enjoyed savoring this book. " 

Felecia Hunter-Burnett

Author, Mentor, Humanitarian

“Blackberry Cobbler is an excellent read. As I read, I felt as though I was present in each conversation and the emotions came through each story shared by Mama Glory, a woman with a history haunted by adversity, yet the ability to triumph. Blackberry Cobbler imparts timeless lessons based on universal truths, leaving the reader with the realization that every decision has a consequence and giving back is the key to building tomorrow. 

Thecia Jenkins

International Speaker & Trainer


Marriage Chronicles: A Guide to a Resilient Marriage

“Marriage Chronicles: A Guide to a Resilient Marriage” 

is a collaborative work by an amazing team of authors, who use their collective voices to speak to couples and singles about relationships and marriage. A unique guide on marriage and relationships, Marriage Chronicles tells the real-life stories of triumph over hardship that many couples face. As an honest and straight forward conversation, this book will help couples build resiliency in marriage, strengthen their relationships and overcome challenges that bring couples to the brink of divorce. Excellent resource for married and engaged couples, singles preparing for marriage and for marriage ministries.

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Melissa Mimi Ewell

Hello! I'm Apostle Mimi. Welcome to my world!


This is the hub of all the things going on in my life and ministry, under the umbrella of... 

'This Woman's Heart Ministries'

God gave me this ministry name to reflect all the things that I carry in my heart. A Love for Him,

His Word, His People and Apostolic Missions to the Nations. From here you can explore my writing on social media, blogging, ministry books and exciting enjoyable novels. You can travel with me in missions work and as I spend time visiting some of the most beautiful places in the world. You'll also get a glimpse into my life behind that platform and find out what makes me tick!

I hope you'll enjoy the journey. Blessings!


Apostle Mimi  

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The Place I Blog ~ As a constant stream of thought from the heart of God and my heart - splashing, flooding and impacting the world around me, I blog about my life as a missionary, a minister, an author and anything else the comes across my mind. It’s a great place to follow me to keep up with this Butterfly On A Mission and all my travels and activities.

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Ap. Mimi is a missionary at heart and loves operating in Christian missions. Mimi has traveled to various countries to work with ministries, fellow missionaries, schools and humanitarians from around the world. She has supported and engaged in ministry conferences, organizing health services, tourism and humanitarian aid activities. Ap. Mimi is involved in Women’s Empowerment activities, encouraging and uplifting pastor's wives and women in ministry.


ManFast Ministries International is designed to help believers partner with God to be prepared and positioned to encounter the spouse God has purposed for them. ManFast intensive training classes focus on gaining and maintaining sexual purity, unlocking the keys to praying for your spouse and marriage prep mentoring. Personal mentoring available.

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